Southern Schist

Southern Schist comes as individual schist pieces that has a very flat frontal appearance like a guillotined schist. There is a large variety of stone pieces and sizes. With crisp cut corners to complete the look. A more modern schist style that has recently been added to our range.


  • Installed directly on to BGC Stone Sheet, Brick or Concrete Block.
  • Detailed individual schist pieces with a combination of natural tonings.
Ledge Stone
  • Cost Effective

    We are able to meet client’s individual needs and help create the stone features that will enhance and add value to your home.

  • Diverse Range

    Inspired by nature, our natural look stone veneers capture the look of Canterbury River stone and the solid rustic appeal of NZ Schist.

  • Installation Service

    Our trained staff understand the natural stone look they are creating for you. Your choice of stone veneer and installation quality is of utmost importance for your home and investment.