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If you are looking for the natural look and feel of stone for your home, Village Stone has the solution that is proven and doesn’t cost the earth.

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Why Village Stone

  • Stone cladding is more popular than ever before. Village Stone veneer is ideal for TC3 land. Although this is an artificial stone it is surprisingly life like and can be used to clad internally around fires as well as create majestic stone veneer features replicating schist stone or river stone.
  • Village Stone has been supplying a BRANZ appraised schist cladding that is as durable as stone. It has withstood the test of the Canterbury Quakes. We have added to this product with our light weight stone cladding range. This product and installation methods have been BEAL Tested As an exterior cladding material it offers our clients the look and feel of NZ schist, river stone and volcanic rock. BEAL Appraisal n.o C1408A www.beal.co.nz
  • When selecting your stone cladding system Village Stone is the only Christchurch manufacturing company and we have great working relationships with Building Company’s and Architects, Our stone has surprised and delighted the professionals with its realistic appearance.
  • Cost Effective

    We are able to meet client’s individual needs and help create the stone features that will enhance and add value to your home.

  • Diverse Range

    Inspired by nature, our natural look stone veneers capture the look of Canterbury River stone and the solid rustic appeal of NZ Schist.

  • Installation Service

    Our trained staff understand the natural stone look they are creating for you. Your choice of stone veneer and installation quality is of utmost importance for your home and investment.